Molly – Script

Here Is the script, I have also emailed this out to everyone, but let me know what you think, although I really don’t think we should change much of anything, just make minor changes, i’ll print off a copy for everyone and we will talk about it tomorrow:

I haven’t included the Adam and Eve part in this version because we know it incredibly well and I don’t have all the parts for that written down. Here it is from Caveman:


(Jug and Ug are off stage carrying the mammoth, they slowly walk on and yell out to mug to help them. While this is happening the cavewomen is cleaning in the background)

Mug: (grunts like an ape)

Ug: Stupid Mug, help with mammoth!

Mug: (Attempts to help Ug, but fails.)

Ug: Go!

Jug: Dee make mammoth!

Dee: Dee always make mammoth

Jug: Dee always women!

Mug: (Angry, smashes two rocks together, creates sparks and fire, acts scared)

Jug: what that? (Asks Ug with a puzzled expression)

Ug: (points spear at fire) Stay back!

Jug: nice, warm, we eat.

Ug: Dee, bring meat!

(Dee in background cleaning then brings out cut mammoth)

Dee: Here, food, Dee clean.

Mug: (doesn’t like food, makes noises to say he doesn’t like it)

Ug: quiet Mug, eat mammoth (Ug slaps Mug)

Mug: (food falls into the fire, yells because food has fallen into the fire)

Jug: Stupid Mug!

Ug: (carefully grabs meat) this taste better.

Jug: (tastes it) this good idea of ours (pats Ug on the back)


Medieval scene:

(Denis and Cybil are working in the fields. While the lord and guard are standing on the opposite side of the stage. As soon as Cybil see’s the apple the lord and guard walk over)

Cybil: (looks over to a tree and sees a red fruit) Ooo, Look over ‘ere Denis! Looks different.

Denis: Yeah, it does Cybil.

(Lord enters with guard)

Lord: That looks exciting!

Guard: (takes apple)

Lord: Also your taxes will be raised to 70%.

Guard: sir, in London its 80%

Lord: Well then, we can’t have those Londoners get the better of us, 80%

Denis: But your lordship (grabs the lord’s clothes)

Lord: let go of me or I shall have my guard take you away.

Cybil: (Picks Denis up) It’s not worth it Den

Lord: 90% and I’m taking this with me (holds apple in front of Denis and Civil.)

Cybil: But…

Lord: 95% and I shall name it Apple after my oldest brother (holds the apple to the sky)

Cybil and Denis: it won’t last


Marco Scene:

Ezio: Bonjourno, welcome to my home, come sit, sit.

Luigi: I bought some of Nona’s soup, it’s bolisimo.

Ezio: I know, she’s my Nona too, we are cousins

Mario: we are all cousins!

Luigi: Eyy Lets eat!

Ezio: This is Bolisimo

Mario: what’s the time?

Ezio: its 12:95 Hey, didn’t cousin Marco say he would be coming at this time?

Luigi: it’s been about 20 years.

Ezio: Where is that Marco?

Marco: (off stage) Polo.

Ezio: (looks around puzzled) Marco!?

Marco: (gets louder) Polo!

Luigi: Marco?!

Marco: (on stage) POLO!

Ezio and Luigi: MARCO!

Marco: EZIO LUIGI! (Then looks at Mario) eh? Who is this?

Mario: It’s me Mario!

Everyone: AYYYYYYY (hugs)

Luigi: come eat! It’s our Nona’s recipe

Marco: (Marco tastes it) this has no flavour

Luigi: What’sa matter you eh? Gotta no respect?

Marco: Hey shuttapa ya face! Hear me out

(pulls out pasta dish)

Marco: something I picked up in China

Everyone: (looks confused)

Marco: pasta! Try it!

(all have taste)

All: Eyyyy!

Marco: (Marco pulls out Bolognese) Try with Bolognese

Everyone: Eyyyy!

Ezio: With parmesan?

Everyone: ehhh no.

Ezio: (throws cheese over his shoulder)

Alll: Eyyyyy! EYyyyYy! Eyy!

Back to the restaurant:

Professor: So you see Bob, if we hadn’t of tried new foods, we wouldn’t have continued forward.

Janine: Exactly! This is what I’ve been telling him all along Professor, haven’t I Bob?

Bob: Yeah… suppose so…

Professor: I can imagine…

Janine: so Bob, how about we try that new Tapes restaurant that opened last week?

Bob: Aww, can’t we just go to McDonalds? Please? For a normal meal?

Janine: By normal you mean nuggets and chips? (Sounds very displeased)

Professor: I read a socio-economic paper about a theory of what McDonalds could be like in the future. (Stares off into the distance)

Janine: What are you looking at?


(bell sound rings)

McGuard: Okay, time for lunch!

(Three obese workers get given trays and sit down as a table, they unwrap their burgers and are very disgusted with the food)

Worker one: (looks at fellow worker) what have you got?

Worker two: Fillet of fish, ugh, what have you got?

Worker one: McChicken.

Worker three: lucky, I have a big mac

Worker two: you poor soul, I swear these meals have gotten crapper since Ronald installed the food restrictions of the 100 recipes… (gets elbowed as the McGuard is walking closer)

Worker three: what drinks? I have a sprit

Worker two: Fanta.

Worker one: coke, so sugary.

Worker three: (nearly passes out)

Worker one: (grabs worker three and pretends to move his arms like he is eating)

McGuard: (walks past)

Worker one: he’s fine. All good (smiles)

(the McGuard leaves)

Worker one: (looks at worker two) where’s the salt?

Worker two: (hands worker one the salt)

Worker one: (holds it under worker three’s nose)

Worker three: (wakes up with a startle and is disgusted)

McGuard: lunch is over, back to work!

(three obese workers struggle to get up and then go back to their screens, work for a little the McGuard comes over)

McGuard: okay, see you tomorrow workers.


Tom: pst, you there?

Dealer: (sneaks up) hey, I’m here

Tom: what have you got for me today?

Dealer: (looks around) I have this, it’s called an apple

Tom: An Apple!

Dealer: shhhh

Tom: an apple, but how did you get it.

Dealer: I have my ways

Tom: how much?

Dealer: five credits

Tom: I only have three

Dealer: (thinks for a little) okay, that’ll do, but hurry.

(they exchange the apple and the credits, McGuards walk onto the scene)

McGuard one (Quintin): Hey! What’s going on?!

(dealer runs and McGuard catches him, McGuard two (Molly) goes after Tom but he get’s away, then both McGuards escort dealer off stage).


(Finnegan, Kev and Steve are waiting behind a secret entrance, talking and looking at plans, Bud then waddles over and knocks on the door)

Finnegan: Who’s there?

Bud: It’s me, Bud?

Finnegan: What’s the password?

Bud: For god’s sake, Finnegan. Just let me in

Insert name: Not until you say the password

Bud: (sighs) the English did wrong by the Irish, now let me in!

Finnegan: (opens the door) now was that so hard?

Bud: Give me hand, will you?

(Finnegan squeezes Bud through door)

Bud: Now get me out of this bloody fat suit

(Finnegan, kev and steve help Bud out of his fat suit)

Finnegan: This is Kev, he’s a kiwi

Kev: Hey bru.

Bud: So why did you join the revolutionary force

Kev: I waws herdin ma sheep, but Ronald confiscated thim, so now they’re all did

Finnegan: So what have you got for us?

Bud: It’s called (pulls apple out) an apple (holds it up, all look upon it with holiness)

Finnegan: It’s just what we need for our secret dish. Come, let’s add it to our collection

(All go down stairs)

(Finnegan pulls off sheet revealing all foods. Kev and Bud and Steve look in awe)

(while Finnegan is explaining what they have, Steve sneaks off and transforms into Ronald)

Finnegan: Okay, so we’ve got bananas, Strawberries, Broccoli, Carrot, Kiwi fruit, thanks for that Kev, Passion fruit, herbs and spices among many other things

Bud: This is great. When people try this they will realise how much better it is than McDonalds. We will take Ronald down, and he will be forgotten

Ronald: sounds good

(Finnegan and bud look behind them at Ronald, then look at the audience, then back at Ronald)

Ronald: I’m lovin’ it

(Finnegan and bud look at each other)

Bud: Are you thinking what I’m thinking

Finnegan: I think I am

Both: RUN!

Ronald: (Call on the phone) Hamburglar, I found more food that is on the banned list, deal with this…..


Bob: well that escalated quickly

Janine: is that really what you read professor?

Professor: yes it was, so Bob, don’t you see that you need to try something else other than McDonalds and fast food?

Bob: I don’t see what’s wrong with it.

Professor: hmmmm….. why don’t you both come with me, I might be able to teach you a thing or two….

Janine: where are we going professor?

Professor: through that door, Alones-y

(opens door and they go to America)


Bob: What sort of restaurant is this?

Professor: Actually Bob, we’ve left the restaurant, this is Manhattan with a population of 1.626 million

Bob: What are we doing here?

Professor: We need to take a cab to the portal to Italy

Janine: Bob, you should try all the American food while we’re her. Wouldn’t that be great professor?

Professor: I don’t know about that, Janine

Janine: Oh come on professor, he needs to try new foods, it’ll be good for him

Professor: yes but this might not be the best food to start with

Bob: If I had a choice, there wouldn’t be a start

Janine: That’s it. We’re trying the food. (Takes a cab. Driver introduces himself)






Chilli Dog




Meatball sub

(In scene, professor, Bob and Janine go in cab. They make many stops and get different foods listed above at each stop)

(after trip)

Bob: Finally some real food. I hope every culture’s like that

Professor: Well, Bob you’re in for a surprise

Janine: Oh Bob, this is just the same as the food we eat at home. What a disappointment. Why didn’t you warn us, professor?

Professor: Uh, lets try Italian. Italy is over here


Waiter: welcome to Leonardo’s kitchen, please take a seat.

Bob: What are we doing here?

Janine: Italian food is so rich. You should try some, Bob

(Bob looks at the menu)

Bob: Yeah, I’ll have the pizza

Janine: Oh, come on Bob. Try something better than pizza

Waiter: So what will we be?

Professor: Ah, I’ll have the Mostaccioli Mosta

Janine: Oh, I’ll have the Traditional Osso Buco

Bob: I’ll just have the same then, I guess

(Waiter leaves)

Bob: There’s a pizza shop just across the road, can’t we just go there?

Janine: NO, Bob. We’re eating here. Now try something here!

(Luigi enters)

Luigi: Excuse me, but I couldn’t help overhear you about trying new foods

Professor: Excuse me, who are you?

Luigi: It’s ‘a’ me! Luigi! I remember back many centuries ago, Marco Polo introduced to me pasta, which though I hated to admit it, was much better than my Nona’s soup. Because we try something nice, we changed Italia for ever! Do you want to try some pasta!

Professor: Yes, thank you

Janine: Oh, Bob, you should try some. You’ve never tried pasta. Bob? (Realises Bob is missing) Where on earth is Bob? Oh, Professor, we’ve got to find Bob

Luigi: I’ll come with you and have him try pasta!

Back To the Revolutionaries:

(this is after the first revolutionary scene when they ran, they meet back up and realise that Steve was the one that did them in, they are looking around for each other in the dark)

Finnegan: (crouching low, sneaking, whispers) Bud, where are you?

Bud: (Whispering) Finnegan, is that you?

Kev: (pretty much yells out really loud) Hey Brus I’m over here!

Finnegan and Bud: SHHHHHHH

(All three huddle together)

Finnegan: (grabs Bud’s shoulders and shakes him) was it you that sold us out!?

Bud: No! What about him (points at Kev) the night you brought him was the night it all fell apart!

Kev: (throws his hands up in defence) it wasn’t me bru!

Bud: of course, what was I thinking? Does anyone know where Steve got to?

Finnegan: oh, it must’ve been Steve! He disappeared, must’ve tipped off Ronald!

Bud: of course! Finnegan, did you ever do a background check to see if Steve said who he was?

Finnegan: well, he did seem a little shifty, and he was very volunteering when it came to doing jobs….

Bud: and very calculating… and he was very interested in making sure the plans were perfect…

Finnegan: Aye

Bud: Damn! We’ve been had!

Kev: We still need to do something! What if, we hid in one of the empty office buildings that was directly across from McDonalds?

Bud: Allowing us to zip line down into the golden arched fortress

Finnegan: taking it down from the inside

Kev: yes, but how? We don’t have any rope.

Finnegan: don’t worry, I’ve got plenty

Bud: you and your rope.

(all three leave stage)


Luigi: Where are we professor?

Janine: Where’s Bob?

Professor: Well, Luigi, we are in what appears to be Egypt?

Janine: Oh we just have to find Bob

Egyptian Guy: HEY!! Welcome to my daughter’s wedding!

Luigi: Thata food smells nice!

Egyptian Guy: Come, Come! Try some Baba Ghanoush, Shawarma, Kofta, Roz meammar…. (gets cut off by Janine)

Janine: Oh, we haven’t got time for this! I’m going to find Bob! (walks off)

Professor: Janine! Come on Luigi we better follow her.


(The Professor and Luigi find Bob in Greece)

Bob: Hey professor, uh, where’s Janine and where are we?

Professor: Well Bob, Janine went looking for you and from the looks of it we are in Greece

Bob: Greece? Great! Can we get Souvlakis? 😀

Luigi:  Hey Bob! We’re not here to have that type o’ food

Bob: Oh alright….

Professor: Well just down here is a restaurant that I frequented when I was last in Greece, for an archaeological dig

(They go to the restaurant)

(Look at menu)

(Waiter comes over)

Luigi: I’ll have some Moussaka

Bob: (Failing to find anything that he likes says) I’ll have the same please

Professor: Some Spanakopita please

Bob: So Professor the blah blahs did blah and the bleh blehs did bleh but what did the Greeks ever do for us?

Professor: Well there’s Homer

Bob: From the Simpsons?

Professor: The Poet. He wrote The Iliad and The Odyssey

Bob: Isn’t that a movie or something?

Luigi: Yes Bob, also they created Theatre

Professor: Pythagoras

Luigi: Geometry

Professor: First records of western history

Luigi:  Doric Architecture

Bob: But only nerds need to know that moose cacca

Professor: The Olympics and Marathons

Bob: Well the Olympics go without saying

Luigi: Public Jury and Democracy

Professor: Western Philosophy

Bob: Okay, okay apart from Poetry, Theatre, The Olympics, Democracy, Architecture, History, Philosophy and Mathematics, what have the Greeks ever done for us?

Not Mr Melaisis as a waiter bringing their food: Excuse me I couldn’t help but over hear your conversation about democracy. And I just think you could expand on it. Just-just flesh out what does democracy mean to you.

Bob: Uhhhh I don’t know?

Not Melaisis:….That’s a solid effort, that’s good, that’s really good,  just elaborate on it.

Professor: Excuse me what’s that over there?

Not Melaisis: That? Oh That’s a traditional Greek dish: Kotopoulo me ryzi

Professor: Oh really? I’ve started looking into Greek History quite a fascinating topic.

Not Melaisis: Well if you’d like I could teach you a bit about Greek history, over some Kotopoulo?

Professor: That would be quite lovely thank (Gets up and starts walking with Not Melaisis) so what can you tell me about Greek history?

Not Melaisis: Well the better history student understands that……(Offstage)

(Janine walks on to the stage)

Janine: Oh BOB! There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you?

Bob: oh hey Janine

Janine: Where’s the professor?

Bob: He walked off with a waiter, they were talking about history or something

Janine: Oh, I’m sick of people disappearing! Come on! Back to the restaurant!

(Bob and Janine leave Luigi sitting there still in Greece)

Back at the original restaurant:

Janine and Bob walk back into the restaurant to find the professor sitting there

Janine: Professor there you are!

Professor: Uh, hello Janine, sorry, got into a great topic with a very interesting man.

Janine: I don’t care! Neither of you are nicking off again!

Bob: Oh great, maccas is across the road, let’s go there.

Professor: What is your obsession with McDonalds Bob?

Bob: (looks of into the distance very dramatic like)

Janine: what are you looking at?!


(Molly and Tom come home from a long day at work, Quintin and Jacob are being annoying brats and asking what’s for dinner while Molly and Tom contemplate)

Molly: Darling, there’s nothing in the fridge! Again!

Tom: Well, you meant to do the shopping last time honey!

Quintin: (standing at Molly’s feat saying this while Tom and Molly are arguing) Mum, mum, mum, mummy, mummy, mummy, mama, mama, mama, mama, ma, ma, ma, ma, ma, mum, mum, mummy, mummy etc…. (Stops when Molly yells at him)

Bob: (doing the same thing as Quintin but saying dad) Dad, dad, dad, dad, daddy, daddy, da, da, da, da, da, dad, dad, dad, dad, father, father, father, dad, dad, dad etc… (stops when Tom yells at him)

Molly: well what are we going to have for dinner?

Tom: I don’t know but I’m getting a migraine.

Molly: well there must be something we can cook (looks in the fridge)

Tom: Well I’m starving!

Molly: QUINTIN! (Will come up with character name) WOULD YOU STOP!

Tom: (at the same time as Molly) BOB! WOULD YOU STOP!

Quintin: can we have Maccas?

Tom and Molly: FINE!

Flashback 2: Bob’s 12 birthday:

Molly and Tom: (both hug Bob) Happy Birthday Bob!

Bob: thanks mum, thanks dad.

Tom: so what would you like to do for your birthday?

Bob: hmmmm…. How about lunch at maccas?

Molly: sweetie are you sure you don’t want to do anything else? We could go to the water slide? Or the zoo?

Bob: no, I want to go to maccas.

Tom: Come on darling, if that’s what he wants

Molly: but it’s not good for him

Bob: it’s my birthday and I want Maccas!


Professor: interesting…. Well Bob, remember that paper I was telling you about?

Bob: yes……. That incredibly ridiculous one

Janine: Bob, let the professor tell his story.

Professor: I’m hoping you learn a thing or two…..

Dystopia 3:

(Ronald in his office, looking at monitors on his desk, he is much panicked as his ‘empire’ is crumbling to the ground)

Ronald: (he throws his hands down on the monitor desk) what is going on down there?! Where are my McGuards?!

McGuard 1: (McGuard 1 enters the room out of breath) Sir! We’ve got a break in!

Ronald: (Phone rings, Ronald answers) what’s going on down there?!

McGuard on phone: Sir! It’s the revolutionaries! We don’t know how they’ve done it……. we don’t… have….. gahhhh…….. (Cuts off)

McGuard 2: (Another McGuard enters the room, out of breath as well) Sir, we need to get you out of here! They are coming for you!

(Ronald leaves with the McGuards, Bud, Finnegan and Kev ‘Break into’ the room)

Bud: We made it!

Finnegan: Aye! We’ve done it!

Bud: Yes, but that damn clown man must’ve escaped!

Kev: Never mind that Bru’s! (pulls out a bag of seeds) Now we are here we can finally plant the seeds!

Finnegan: He’s right Bud! Even if Ronald got away we can now plant the seeds and take down this evil place!

Bud: Exactly! We can now show the people a better way of living! Come on you two, let’s go plant this seed!

(All three leave the stage)

The End – Back in the restaurant:

Bob: I seriously doubt that would happen

Janine: oh Bob, haven’t you learnt anything? All the exotic places we went….

Professor: Here, try some of the Moussaka

Janine: or the Osso Buco

Luigi: or the Shawarma, it was multobene

Professor: Spanakopita

Janine: Mostaccioli Mosta

All pestering Bob to try something new, pressuring him. All talking to someone him, Luigi speaks to Bob last

Luigi: Try Marco’s pasta. IT Bolissmo

Bob: STOP! (all stop) Okay, I’ll try the pasta

(Bob has a taste while the others wait in suspense for his response)

Bob: mmmm…. Uhhhh…. (takes a little more) hmmmm…. Eyyyyyyy!

(everyone cheers)


Jacob- some ideas discussed on Friday

American Scene


Italian Scene

Bob sneaks out to pizza place. Quintin now playing Luigi. Luigi, Janine and Professor all go looking for Bob

Other scene (Either Turkish, Egyptian, Kazakh, Russian, German, Lebanese, Middle Eastern or some other culture)

Janine, Professor and Luigi arrive at local traditional wedding. Jacob plays local, trying to get them to try local foods, Janine tries to find Bob and exits scene.

Professor and Luigi find Bob

Greek Scene

Bob, Luigi and the Professor end up at Greek restaurant. They meet Teacher. Thom plays teacher. Professor and Teacher walk off scene discussing the history of Ancient Greece together. Luigi persuades Bob to come to China with him so they can get pasta

Japan scene

Luigi and Bob accidently end up in the streets of Japan instead of China. Molly plays Japanese local. Bob finds Janine.

Bob, Janine and Luigi go back to the original restaurant where they find the professor.

Professor asks Bob why he keeps insisting on eating McDonalds. Bob has flashbacks

By end of it, all pestering Bob to try something new. Bob agrees to eat Luigi’s pasta. all wait in suspense as Bob tries it. Bob finds it exceptional

Drama ending script- Jacob

Drama script

Lefty: Pss! Hey, Bud! (Signals Bud to come over)

Bud: Yeah, What is it?

Lefty: Shh! Looky what I have here? (pulls apple from jacket pocket)

Bud: What is it? Lefty: It’s called an apple

Bud: An apple?

Lefty: Shh! Yeah an apple.

Bud: Where did you get it?

Lefty: I have my way. Let’s just say, I own  a secret Orchid

Bud: An orchid? But isn’t that illegal?

Lefty: Shh! Quiet down will ya. Once the people try this (Pauses to check no one else is around) apple, They’ll be begging for more.

Bud: This is perfect for our secret dish. We’ll be able to take down Mcdonalds in no time. How much is it?

Lefty: four pennies

Bud: But I’ve only got a hay penny.

Lefty: (Looks around) Okay it’ll do. But be quick about it, and quiet down.

(They exchange fruit, Mcguard spots them. Bud gets away but Lefty is taken by the Mcguard. The Mcguard starts beating Lefty up and pushing him against the wall. Colonel Sanders enters the room )

Colonel: Mcguard!

Mcguard: (turns around and salutes) Colonel!

Colonel: I think that’s enough

Mcguard: Yes Colonel! (Mcguard leaves)

(Colonel walks up to Lefty)

Colonel: Word on the street is someone’s been smuggling illegal foods that do not coincide with the 100 recipes

Lefty: Why, I wouldn’t know anything about it

Colonel: Listen, Lefty. (whispers) I’m as sick of Ronald as anybody else around here, I’m trying to create a new original recipe to succeed Mcdonalds. If you want to live I suggest you tell me where your secret stash is.

Lefty: Look, I don’t tell no one about my secret stash. But, I can help you out. I’ve got a few herbs that would go well with chicken. If we work together, I recon we could make a delicious taste that can’t be beat.

Colonel: Alright, come with me.

(Revolutionary scene)

(Bud walks up to the door and knocks on it)

Insert name: What’s the password?

Bud: It’s me, Bud?

Insert name: What’s the password?

Bud: For god’s sake, Insert name. Just let me in

Insert name: Not until you say the password

Bud: (sighs) Password1

Insert name: come in

Bud: Give me hand, will you?

(Finnegan squeezes Bud through door)

Bud: Now get me out of this bloody fat suit

Finnegan: This is Kev the kiwi

Kev: Hey man.

Bud: So why did you join the revolutionary force

Kev: I waws herdin ma sheep, but Ronald confiscated thim, so now they’re all did

Finnegan: So what have you got for us Bud: It’s called (pulls apple out) an apple (holds it up, all look upon it with holiness)

Finnegan: It’s just what we need for our secret dish. Come, lets add it to our collection

(All go down stairs)

(Finnegan pulls off sheet revealing all foods. Kev and Bud look in awe)

Finnegan: Okay, so we’ve got bananas, Strawberries, Broccoli, Carrot, Kiwi fruit, thanks for that Kev, Passion fruit, herbs, milo among many other things

Bud: This is great. When people try this they will realise how much better it is than McDonalds. We will take Ronald down, and he will be forgotten

(Notices Ronald behind them)

Bud: Are you thinking what I’m thinking

Finnegan: I think I am

Both: RUN!

(All run away)

Ronald: (Call on the phone) Hamburglar, Tell the Colonel to dispose of the food. And keep an eye on him. Make sure he doesn’t chicken out on his orders.

(Scene with Colonel carrying food to secret lair. Lefty mixing the cauldron)

Colonel: How’s it going?

Lefty: (Takes a taste) It’s finger lickin’ good

Colonel: (Takes a taste) It could be better.

Lefty: What more do you want?

Colonel: I gathered some ingredients that needs disposing. Let’s mix it in.

(Puts food in cauldron)

(Hamburglar enters scene)

Hamburglar: Hello Colonel.

Colonel: Hey Ham… hey! How did you find this place? You wouldn’t tell Ronald would you?

Hamburglar: Of course not. I’m with you ‘till the end of the line. By the way, I’ve burgled the chicken you’ve requested

Colonel: Ah, yes. Just what I’m lookin’ for (mixes in the cauldron. Then has a taste)

Hamburglar: Have you finally done it?

Colonel: I tell ya’ what, you can’t beat that taste

Hamburglar: You’ve just tasted the future of world

(scene with Hamburglar and Colonel walking in the McDonalds Palace)

Hamburglar: With the original recipe complete, we can overthrow Ronald

Colonel: Yes, it’s almost time

(Ronald walks up behind them)

Ronald: Yes, it’s almost time for lunch break

Colonel: Oh, hey Ronald, how are things going with the revolutionaries.

Ronald: I think I’ve got them all. And thanks to you guys, the meals of the people will stay restricted to the 100 recipes. It’s so good to have friends I can trust

(Ronald leaves)

Hamburglar: I think he’s on to you

Colonel: Well we better do something quick

(Next Scene, Ronald is at a Mcdonalds restaurant and notices eating apples)

Ronald:  what’s this?

Customer: Apple

Ronald: Where did you get it?

Customer: From Mcdonalds. Where else

Ronald: But Mcdonalds doesn’t sell apple

Customer: Stop clowning around, I’m trying to eat my meal

(Ronald goes up to an employee)

Ronald: Employee, why are you selling apples

Employee: The colonel said they were direct orders from you, sir

Ronald: The Colonel? I’ll have to have a word with him

(Ronald walks off)

(Ronald confronts the Colonel)

Ronald: Hello Colonel

Colonel: Oh hey Ronald

Ronald: I hear you’ve introduced apples against my orders

Colonel: I thought that was what you wanted

Ronald: Say, what’s that smell

Colonel: Oh, pardon me

Ronald: Smells like chicken

Colonel: Must be from that McChicken burger

Ronald: And it smells like Kentucky

Colonel: Well, that is where I live

Ronald: Speaking of which, I haven’t heard anything from Kentucky restaurants in weeks. I hope they’re still running, are they?

Colonel: Yep, better than ever

Ronald: What’s behind this door? I’ve never noticed it before

Colonel: Oh nothing good. You don’t need to go in there

Ronald: What’s the matter Colonel Sanders, Chicken?

(Hamburglar hits Ronald over the head and Ronald falls to the ground)

Colonel: Good job Hamburglar, now it’s time to take over and introduce our original recipe

Hamburglar: What should we do with all the food?

Colonel: Kentucky fry it. Kentucky Fry all of it.

(cut back to restaurant scene)

Professor: So you see. The big companies will just taking over if you don’t try new foods

Janine: That was an amazing story, professor. I think we can learn a lot from that. Don’t you, Bob?

Bob: Yeah, definitely (says while hiding a packet of Mcdonald’s fries under the table and stuffing his mouth with chips)

Janine: Bob, what have you got under the table?

Bob: Nothing (keeps eating chips)

Janine: Those are chips! How could you Bob?

Bob: There was a Mcdonalds right across the road, I couldn’t help myself

Janine: You ducked out during the story? Haven’t you been listening to any of it?

Bob: Yeah, that Hamburglar is bad news

Janine: Oh Bob, you haven’t learned anything. At least try some new foods

Bob: I don’t have to. I already no its not going to be as good. Everybody else knew it, nobody can do it like McDonalds can