Jacob- some ideas discussed on Friday

American Scene


Italian Scene

Bob sneaks out to pizza place. Quintin now playing Luigi. Luigi, Janine and Professor all go looking for Bob

Other scene (Either Turkish, Egyptian, Kazakh, Russian, German, Lebanese, Middle Eastern or some other culture)

Janine, Professor and Luigi arrive at local traditional wedding. Jacob plays local, trying to get them to try local foods, Janine tries to find Bob and exits scene.

Professor and Luigi find Bob

Greek Scene

Bob, Luigi and the Professor end up at Greek restaurant. They meet Teacher. Thom plays teacher. Professor and Teacher walk off scene discussing the history of Ancient Greece together. Luigi persuades Bob to come to China with him so they can get pasta

Japan scene

Luigi and Bob accidently end up in the streets of Japan instead of China. Molly plays Japanese local. Bob finds Janine.

Bob, Janine and Luigi go back to the original restaurant where they find the professor.

Professor asks Bob why he keeps insisting on eating McDonalds. Bob has flashbacks

By end of it, all pestering Bob to try something new. Bob agrees to eat Luigi’s pasta. all wait in suspense as Bob tries it. Bob finds it exceptional


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