This is where the Revolutionaries have decided to take down Ronald. Ronald is in a panic, his McGuards are being over thrown as well as his ’empire’:

(Ronald in his office, looking at monitors on his desk, he is much panicked as his ‘empire’ is crumbling to the ground)

Ronald: (he throws his hands down on the monitor desk) what is going on down there?! Where is my security?!

McGuard 1: (McGuard 1 enters the room out of breath) Sir! We’ve got a break in!

Ronald: (Phone rings, Ronald answers) what’s going on down there?!

McGuard on phone: Sir! It’s the revolutionaries! We don’t know how they’ve done it……. we don’t… have….. gahhhh…….. (Cuts off)

McGuard 2: (Another McGuard enters the room, out of breath as well) Sir, we need to get you out of here! They are coming for you!

(Ronald leaves with the McGuards)

~ Molly

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