This is where the only healthy foods left are revolting against McDonalds. The world has become a dystopia with McDonalds at the heart of it controlling everything and everyone:

(Stage is dark, Cucumber walks on with a lantern to light his way. While the other three are waiting at the hidden door with much excitement and anticipation of when Cucumber will arrive.)

(Cucumber knocks on the door)

Potato: (slides open peek thing) who be there?

Cucumber: Potato, it’s me for Pete sakes, let me in!

Potato: What’s that password!

Cucumber: We don’t need the password!

Potato: What’s the password!

Cucumber: The English did wrong by the Irish, now let me in!

Potato: (opens door)

Cucumber: Potato, always a pleasure (nods head towards potato), Apple, good to see you (shakes hands) And whos this? (looks at Kiwi)

Kiwi: Hey bru! (shakes hands)

Cucumber: fury one isn’t he, (looks at potato)

Potato: he found me a few days ago, wants to join the cause.

Kiwi: The McGuards took me family!

Cucumber: My condolences, (turns to potato) the McGuards are now taking the Kiwis?

Potato: Aye.

Kiwi: So how did you guys join the cause?

Potato: it all started long ago….

(Everyone looks off into the distance)

Cucumber: What are we looking at……

~ Molly

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