This scene shows the group of healthy fruits reuniting after running away form Ronald. They discover that it was Apple who sold them out and even after they were found out by Ronald, they still know they need to do something:

(After the 100 recipes the stage goes a little dark, potato walks out onto the stage.)

Potato: (crouching low, sneaking, whispers) Cucumber, where are you?

Cucumber: (Whispering) Potato, is that you?

Kiwi: (pretty much yells out really loud) Hey Brus I’m over here!

Potato and Cucumber: SHHHHHHH

(All three huddle together)

Potato: (grabs cucumber’s shoulders and shakes him) was it you that sold us out!?

Cucumber: No! What about him (points at Kiwi) the night you brought him was the night it all fell apart!

Kiwi: (throws his hands up in defence) it wasn’t me bru!

Cucumber: of course, what was I thinking? Does anyone know where apple got to?

Potato: oh, it must’ve been apple! He disappeared, must’ve tipped off Ronald!

Cucumber: of course! Potato, did you ever check to see if apple was and actual fruit and not the Steve jobs apple?

Potato: well, he did seem a little artificial…

Cucumber: and calculating… And wasn’t Apple bought out by Disney, who was bought out by McDonalds?

Potato: Aye

Cucumber: Damn! We’ve been had!

Kiwi: We still need to do something! What if, we hid in one of the empty office buildings that was directly across from McDonalds?

Cucumber: Allowing us to zip line down into the golden arched fortress

Potato: taking it down from the inside

Kiwi: yes, but how? We don’t have any rope.

Potato: don’t worry, I’ve got plenty

Cucumber: you and your rope.

~ Molly

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