This follows on from the caveman scene:

(Denis and Cybil are working in the fields. While the lord and guard are standing on the opposite side of the stage. As soon as Cybil see’s the apple the lord and guard walk over)

Cybil: (looks over to a tree and sees a red fruit) Ooo, Look over ‘ere Denis! Looks different.

Denis: Yeah, it does cybil.

(Lord enters with guard)

Lord: That looks exciting! (Takes apple) Also your taxes will be raised to 70%.

Guard: sir, in London its 80%

Lord: Well then, we can’t have those Londoners get the better of us, 80%

Denis: But your lordship (grabs the lord’s clothes)

Lord: let go of me or I shall have my guard take you away.

Cybil: (Picks Denis up) It’s not worth it Den

Lord: 90% and I’m taking this with me (holds apple in front of Denis and Civil.)

Cybil: But…

Lord: 95% and I shall name it Apple after my oldest brother (holds the apple to the sky)

Cybil and Denis: it won’t last

~ Molly

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