This follows on from the medieval scene:

Ezio: Bonjourno, welcome to my home, come sit, sit.

Luigi: I bought some of Nona’s soup, it’s bolisimo.

Ezio: I know, she’s my Nona too, we are cousins

Mario: we are all cousins!

Luigi: Eyy Lets eat!

Ezio: This is Bolisimo

Mario: what’s the time?

Ezio: its 12:95 Hey, didn’t cousin Marco say he would be coming at this time?

Luigi: it’s been about 20 years.

Ezio: Where is that Marco?

Marco: (off stage) Polo.

Ezio: (looks puzzled) Marco!?

Marco: (gets louder) Polo!

Luigi: Marco?!

Marco: (on stage) POLO!

Ezio and Luigi: MARCO!

Marco: EZIO LUIGI! (Then looks at Mario) eh? Who is this?

Mario: It’s me Mario!

Marco: I didn’t recognise you with that moustache

Everyone: AYYYYYYY (hugs)

Luigi: come eat! It’s our Nona’s recipe

Marco: (Marco tastes it) this has no flavour

Luigi: Eyy! That’s our Nona’s cooking you’re talkin’ bout

Marco: Hey don’t judge me yet

(pulls out pasta dish)

Marco: something I picked up in China

Ezio: What is this

Marco: pasta!

(all have taste)

All: Eyyyy!

Marco: (Marco pulls out Bolognese) Try with Bolognese

Everyone: Eyyyy!

Ezio: With parmesan?

Everyone: ehhh no.

Ezio: (throws cheese over his shoulder)

Alll: Eyyyyy! EYyyyYy! Eyy!

~ Molly

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