This is the rough scene for the caveman scene after the restaurant:

(Jug and Ug are off stage carrying the mammoth, they slowly walk on and yell out to mug to help them. While this is happening the cavewomen is cleaning in the background)

Mug: (grunts like an ape)

Ug: Stupid Mug, help me and Jug with mammoth!

Mug: (Attempts to help Ug, but fails.)

Ug: Go, over, there!

Jug: Stupid Mug! Dee, you make mammoth!

Dee: I always make mammoth

Jug: you women!

Mug: (Angry, smashes two rocks together, creates sparks and fire, acts scared)

Jug: Ug, what that? (Asks Ug with a puzzled expression)

Ug: (points spear at fire) Stay back!

Jug: Is nice, warm, let’s eat.

Ug: yes, Dee, bring us mammoth!

(Dee in background cleaning then brings out cut mammoth)

Dee: (hands food to the boys) Here, you eat food, I go clean.

Mug: (doesn’t like food, makes noises to say he doesn’t like it)

Ug: quiet Mug, eat mammoth (Ug slaps Mug)

Mug: (food falls into the fire, yells because food has fallen into the fire)

Jug: Stupid Mug!

Ug: (carefully grabs meat) this taste better.

Jug: (tastes it) yes, this good idea of ours (pats Ug on the back)

~ Molly

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