This is after his ’empire’ has fallen. Ronald feels conflicting emotions about what happened. This scene is demonstrating that no matter who is in charge, when one falls, another will take their place. The voices in a way are the voices of people who hate and love McDonalds.

(Ronald walks out on to the stage alone, then two voices start talking from behind the boards and slowly move towards him, increasing his insanity)

Hateful voice: What have you done? You’ve ruined yourself and the lives of everyone around you!

Good Voice: No, you gave them what they wanted, you helped them.

Hate: you enslaved them!

Good: you gave them freedom

Hate: you made them obese

Good: you gave them happiness

Hate: you’ve turned into something you’re not

Good: you had to make it this way

Hate: The world was good until you came along

Good: no one can make people happy like you can.

Hate: they hate you

Good: they love you

Hate: loath you

Good: adore you

(the voices moving closer and closer to Ronald while he crumples to the ground)

Ronald: (grabs hold of his head and yells) STOP IT!

Hamburgerler: Sir, is everything alright?

Ronald: can’t you hear them Hamburgerler? The voices? They never stop! They never go away!

Hamburgerler: it’s okay sir, don’t listen to the voices, they are wrong, I’ll go get your medicine and make them go away.

(Hamburgerler walks a little away, grabbing a gun)

(Meanwhile the two voices are continuing to talk in Ronald’s ear)

Hate: they never wanted you

Good: yes they did

Hate: you ruined them

Good: you made them better

(Hamburgerler walks up during this behind Ronald and shoots him in the back of the head – like the scene form Of Mice and Men when George kills Lenny – everything goes silent until Hamburgerler pulls out the phone and talks)

Hamburgerler: Colonel, it’s done, it’s your time now.

~ Molly

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