We jump back to the revolutionary healthy foods. This is the scene where Ronald spoils their plan:

Kiwi: Ahh, I see.

Cucumber: So everything’s below then?

Potato: Aye

Cucumber: (opens trap door) after you apple.

(Apple goes down the ladder)

Cucumber: Kiwi, follow apple.

(Kiwi goes down the ladder)

Cucumber: potato

Potato: aye (goes down that ladder)

Cucumber: (goes down ladder a little, shuts trap door, joins the others, looks around stunned) You weren’t joking when you said your grandfather was in the IRA weren’t you?

Potato: Aye, for about 60 years.

Cucumber: well, my grandfather left me things too (pulls out artillery) 87 years in the Royal British Infantry. Righto, Apple, have you got the map.

Apple: yes (pulls out map)

Cucumber: (pointing at map) Now were are positioned here and the bastard in his golden arched fortress is here. All these service tunnels surrounding it are patrolled by the McGuards.

Potato: (pointing at map) but if we plant explosives here, here and here, we can distract them and take them from the inside.

Cucumber: make sure those are DISTRACTIVE and not DESTRUCTIVE.

Potato: aww, I never get to have any fun

Cucmber: Apple, could you go get me some tea?

(Apple leaves)

Cucumber: Now the question is, do we want Ronald alive or kill him where he stands in his palace of the golden arches?

Kiwi: you guys need to be more stealth.

Potato: Sure, Sure, hey… Apple should be back by now….

Cucumber: yes well, (looks behind him) Hello Ronald….. Ahhh….

Ronald: Don’t stop, I’m lovin’ it.

Potato: RUN!

(Everyone runs)

~ Molly

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