This is after Ronald has spoilt the plans of the Revolutionaries and he then decides to announce early his plans of the 100 recipes. This also reveals the idea that where there is one, there will always be another in the form of the Colonel:

(After the revolutionary scene, Ronald decides to announce to the public earlier that he has created the 100 recipes)

Ronald: (Addressing the Audience) Well ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, your good pal Ronald has done it! I now have the 100 recipes that anyone will ever need!

Hamburgerler: (looks around worried and confused)

(There are two other McGuards doing the normal guard thing)

Ronald: to celebrate this, free cheeseburgers for all!

(Ronald goes silent, mouthing the words, Hamburgerler walks behind the board as well as one of the other guards, and they switch sides of the stage and go on the phone)

Hamburgerler: Colonel, Ronald’s lost it, hide the original recipe and destroy all traces.

Colonel: Alright now, I will do that right away.

Hamburgerler: Just play along with what Ronald says, I’ll keep you posted.

~ Molly

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