This is where we first see McDonalds opened in America and meet the character Ronald. This is where it is seen where Ronald started and has now ended up as the head of the biggest corporation in the world. That idea will also be explained further down the track.

(Everyone walking around stage, while Ronald addressing the audience and the people.)

Ronald: (Shouting very loud) Come one! Come all to the grand opening of McDonalds! You Sir! (Points to Tom who walks out in front of Ronald)

Tom: (points at himself) me?

Ronald: Yes you! Are you tired of eating the same thing day in and day out!

Tom: Why yes I am!

Ronald: Well come and try a Happy Meal! Yes a Happy Meal! (Says it kinda creepy)

(Tom walks behind the boards)

(Molly (Danny) and Quintin (Betty) walking along arm in arm, they are arguing when Ronald walks behind them and listens in)

Danny: Betty, I don’t want to go that restaurant again, that chicken schnitzel was awful.

Betty: Come on Danny, it’s good to try new things.

Ronald: (walks in front of them, stopping them in their tracks) Speaking of new things, why not come in and try our new happy meal, it’s different from anything you’ve ever had!

Betty: Come on Danny! This sounds great! (Drags Danny off stage behind the boards)

Danny: (behind the board) I’m lovin’ it!

Ronald: Hey, that’s not bad.

~ Molly

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