This scene is back to the restaurant where the professor tells Bob and Janine what the world could be like in many years to come:

Professor: So you see Bob, if we hadn’t of tried new foods, we wouldn’t have continued forward.

Janine: Exactly! This is what I’ve been telling him all along Professor, haven’t I Bob?

Bob: Yeah… suppose so…

Professor: I can imagine…

Janine: so Bob, how about we try that new Tapes restaurant that opened last week?

Bob: Aww, can’t we just go to McDonalds? Please? For a normal meal?

Janine: By normal you mean chicken nuggets and chips? (Sounds very displeased)

Professor: I read a novel about what the world and McDonalds could be like in the future. (Stares off into the distance)

Janine: What are you looking at?

~ Molly

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