JUST AN IDEA- Jacob Baird

just up with that we don’t have to use (needs a lot of editing)

(Nobody can do it like McDonalds can)

Ronald McDonald: Hello all. And welcome to the fifth annual McDonalds day. I’m happy to say that we now have the Tower Mac Burger in shops. But on a side note, We have a few issues. You complained about world hunger. You said you couldn’t afford our food. I solved this by letting anyone eat from the gherkin bin for free but we still have some Hamburgulars among us, not paying for their happy meals. I’m putting a stop to this. If any one of you are caught stealing a McBurger, or McNugget, fries, or any meal, you’re going straight to the deep fryer. You will drown in Big Mac sauce. I congratulate those who buy their meals, making us all a little happier. Keep it up, I’m Lovin’ it.

(Idea that the people are sorta brainwashed by propaganda)

One thought on “JUST AN IDEA- Jacob Baird

  1. that’s realy good!! i recone that we could use that sog in some way as well. we should play on the idea that what they show you it a lot different to what you get as well
    – Quintin


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